Stay Connected

All you need is a Modbus controller, internet connection and your own mobile device.

Advanced Technology

Our innovative technology allows users to connect straight to Modbus controllers on a network without additional hardware and programming.

It Works

You don’t need a programmer to get things working. Once you connect your product to Shop Dog, it automatically starts giving you information, without you having to program it.

Information At Your Fingertips

Fully Responsive

Data Logging


SMS Alerts

Customizable Profiles

Thoughtfully Designed

Shop Dog was designed and developed to give users peace of mind when away from the shop. Time and money are wasted due to power failures or component failures that arise and go unnoticed. Now, thanks to Shop Dog’s web based remote monitoring capabilities, you can connect, review and control.


Additional Features

Name Your Device

Select Mappings
You Want To Show

Add In New Mapping

Easy Login

Password Protected


View Temperature

View Connection Status

Change Set point

Change Control Mode

View Output %

Setup Alerts

Data Logging

“After countless discussions about addressing the remote temperature and process control connectivity needs of the twenty-first century, we decided to create something entirely new.  Meet Shop Dog, your shop’s new best friend”
-Eddie Bernard
“We designed Shop Dog to work with all Modbus controllers without requiring additional hardware or software. This app provides users, in any industry, reliable information and comfort while away from their equipment.”
-Matt Sears

App Pricing

  • Standard
  • Requires 10 Mbs Internet Connection or Higher
  • 1-5 controllers $29.99/Mo
    6-10 controllers $49.99/Mo
    11-15 controllers $69.99/Mo
    16-20 controllers $99.99/Mo
  • Dashboards
  • Shop View
  • Read/Write
  • SMS Alerts
  • Sign Up

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